Team Training

You don't need expensive tools or off-site training to develop your talent. I've drawn from my years of experience at big agencies (with big budgets) to develop effective and effecient team training with modest investment. All training sessions are:

  • Customized for levels and talent development needs
  • Use real and relevant example throughout
  • Interactive with exercises tailored to your agency’s clients
  • Include a leave-behind worksheet with key learnings, helpful tips and links

Available Training Sessions

Data Mining for Pitches

Audience: Junior+

Understand reputable data sources and how to mine them for insights to bolster pitches and content.

Online, approx. 1 hour

Cost: Starts at $960

The Planning Process

Audience: Mid-Senior 

Learn how to put the strategic planning process to work to develop campaign ideas

Online, approx. 2 hours

Cost: Starts at $1,280

Defending Creative Ideas

Audience: Creatives

Obtain skills for respectfully overcoming client objections to succesfully sell in ideas.

Online, approx. 1 hour

Cost: Starts at $840

Presenting with Confidence

Audience: all levels, anyone who presents

Master the art of presenting a recomendation, POV or idea to clients.

Online, approx. 2 hours

Cost: Starts at $1,200