Custom Slogans and Taglines

As a PR and marketing executive, I've spent my career writing for Fortune 500 companies. Now, I'm combining my experience with my passion for parties.

One of the biggest trends in events now is personalization. Parties have their own logos, slogans and hashtags which appear on everything from invitations and napkins to the dancefloor and swag.

I customize slogans, taglines, hashtags and other copywriting needs to bring personality to your party.

How It Works

don't panic text on pink and white polka dot background

Party Slogans


per project

Fill out the brief below. You'll be sent an invoice. Once payment is received (via credit card or Venmo), you'll get one round of taglines (as many as I can generate, usually 10) within 48 hours.

2-day turnaround

Minimum of 5 options

No revisions

Party Slogan Brief

Tell me about your child's personality, interests and nicknames as well as the party theme, vibe and activities so I can better customize slogans to your event. You must complete this form to initiate a project.

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